Unfortunately 2016 has brought a few health problems, among others suffered a broken femur in early March, Recovering really slowly!!

One would not normally record this here, but 7th July, thought we'd try a trip to Weymouth. Walked my usual distance round there, leaving station, to Radipole Lake, then alongside harbour to bridge, lower harbour, and back round front. Need  to do more like this!
Next trip down to Brixham, here two nights at the excellent 'Harbour Side' hotel. Lovely journey down and back by train.
that was OK. but havw got much worse since I'm not happy to report.

On the 8th we took a train to Lymington, reason to visit Offshore Powerboats, from whom we'd purchased Sylvania, they agreed to take over the sale.
Last entry mentioned "excellent Harbour Side Hotel". We made another visit on the 11th of this month, amazingly I'd only 'phoned them two days previous on the chance they might have a room - it is the middle of August!,  so was surprised they did, room no.1 again same as last visit. Purpose of visit to agree with broker who had our boat for sale, if we could let "Offshore Powerboats" at Lymington take it over. Yes, They were really good, so we parted on excellent terms.


Unmentioned above, but my spell recovering from the broken femur meant we had to cancel a cruise to Germany, partly to compensate, we booked another to Norway. This was good in several ways. I had been moving around outside the house with the aid of what I term a 'trolley', this helps "take my weight", and also steadies me. But I reckoned
a ship was not much different to inside a house, so planned on not relying on my 'trolley'. I'd have walls and handrails near me, and should I fall, as in a house, it would be onto a carpet. Excellent ideal!. This trip really improved my 'getting around'. Should mention that our ship the "Balmoral" sailed from Newcastle, so we had to travel up there by rail, a four and half hour trip, but no changes, apart from Bristol Parkway. We enjoyed Newcastle, we'd booked a room for two nights either end of our cruise, so had time for a 'good look around'. Unfortunately, most of the time in Norway, the weather was not good at all. It was twenty years ago 1996, that we took our first visit to Norway, again we had to travel to Newcastle were we caught a ferry to transport us and our car, to Bergan. Cannot recall much about it except for the tunnels we had to drive through, plus the ferries to cross the fjords. Main thing I never forgot though was the distance travelled in our car: 625 miles!

We were interested in the waterside habitations and farms, any bit of land that could grow a crop would be used, though we did pass some farms which had been abandoned. Some stories we were told on our first visit we where "really pressed to believe", such as roping children to the hillside. However we heard this story at least three times on this trip - No comment! Note the waterfalls - Norway is famous for these. All 'photo's indicate the poor weather, and general darkness, the final one an indication of one view, a vast vista of mountain which filled to horizon.

We should mention the four days we spent in Newcastle. The "Royal Station Hotel" must be the oldest and most interesting hotel we have ever used It was opened by Queen Victoria in 1858, but is as ' up to date' as could be expected - card keys to the rooms for example. Worth a stay for the experience! Could not have been closer to the station, as the rear doors lead onto the platforms!

12th & 13th of September, two more nights at the "Harbour Side" hotel in Brixham. We needed to check 'Sylvania', and arrange to try and get it in order for it to be "skippered" over to Lymington. In so doing, took it out for what I expect to be my final "spin" with it, however not quit as far as I had intended, as we got out of the protection of the break water, and were force to turn back, due to the roughness of the water. Really rough it was

We drove down to Devon on 17th of October, purpose to stay at the Inn on the left. Why, well it is a member of the "Marstons" group, and I had purchased a few of their shares, bit surprised when I'd done so to receive a letter from them enclosing a 'privilege' card which allowed anyone using it to 20% discount when presented. Took the risk of not prebooking. They did have a room, but only for the one night, and we had the intention of a longer stay. In a way I regarded this as good news though, though they had 18 rooms. so obviously this firm is doing well!
I recall driving past this place many years ago, and considered it attractive, due to its location, the River Exe flows next to it.